4 symptoms that signal about fibroid tumors

With the word tumor sets on the alarm of cancer. But in this case, although there is no risk of cancer, the tumors can be quite painful and make your life very miserable. That is becausethe sizes of the tumor can vary from the size of a tiny beam to a family sized water melon. That’s why females must look forward to spot issues like these from far. Because if not, you won’t like all sorts of treatments that you have to undergo to recover.

Here are 4 of the common symptoms of fibroid tumors.

  • Longer and heavier periods

There is no doubt that you’re already aware that you should be alarmed if your periods are running longer than they supposed to. But what’s even more alarming is the significanceincrement of the heaviness that it imparts when it does. This symptom has been identified and named as a signal of fibroid tumor. There is no way that you can self-diagnose implying that it isn’t fibroid tumors. If you didn’t know, this disease affect around 30% of the all women by the age of 35. Hence, if you’re past that, you don’t want to delay your chances for fibroid treatment singapore.

  • Discomfort in lower abdomen

There are certain of the body that doesn’t really raise red flag no matter how much they hurt. But on the other hand, there are areas of the body that even the slightest pain disrupts the comfortable living and can be signaling quite deadly conditions. The pains in the lower abdomen is one of those. Typically, it is naturally to get spikes of pain occasionally. But if something like this is lasting for a longer time, you should go get ot checked.

  • Frequent urination

The increased urination needs signals a lot of diseases. One of them are diabetes. But unless you’re diabetes positive, then it’s just that you’re drinking a lot of water. But what if you’re developing this condition more and more, along with anothersymptom in this list, you should be alarmed. Because after all, a quick gynecologistappointment wouldn’t hurt over a surgical removal of a tumor from your body.

  • Pain during sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourseisn’t supposed to be painful overly. There are many reasons why intercourse would hurt. Experts in medicine have identified that if you’re suffering from this illness, then you will have a hard time having sex. However, you must not assume that each and every time there is a pain, it is caused by fibroids. The ideal precaution to take is going to a reliable medical centre and getting yourself a full checkup.