How far a smile can affect your body positively?

We hear the phrase, “turn that frown upside down” often enough. But have you ever though why people say it? Recent scientific discovery has found out that smiling can be a way to produce more “good” hormones in one’s body, which in turn can lead to many other positive results. Apart from that, a smile is something unique to humans and a gift you can give another person without any cost.

Working out

Research has found out that genuine smiles when you are working out can save you a lot of heartburn, literally. An experiment done with several gym goers, from both genders found out that smiles while you are at the gym can relax the muscles, relieve tension and pave way for a better, more efficient workout. Further away you are going from holding an honest smile, it will get harder to finish that workout of yours. Also it will be difficult to bring back that happy, carefree outlook. A smiling face can make the facial muscles relax and improve blood flow as well.


When you smile and feel content genuinely, your body produces some hormones. These endorphins can work wonders on your body. They will reduce the tension in the muscles and make you have a more complete, successful workout. Smile has also been found as a good assistance to release feel-good chemicals in to your body. It is also said that a person who smiles constantly, has no time for negativity in his life. This can work as a psychological push to be happy and forget negative stuff. That is why the human body has many ways to promote the smile; sometimes a smile “comes on to our lips” even unknowingly to us.  

Physical aspects

It is said that a smile needs whitened teeth, but it is not mandatory. Your smile coming from the bottom of your hearts is the most important part. If you are not too sure about how your smile looks like try talking to a dentist in Mount Druitt about correction surgery. It is not very expensive to change the set-up of your teeth, but the result can be a beautiful smile. Smiling is also a good workout for the facial muscles. We sit at our desks working for prolonged hours with set faces. Seldom a smile and a word between two people. A smile is the best way to loosen up those facial muscles and work them out a bit.

There are many facial muscle exercises that you can try. Simply visit the video websites and check out what sort of exercises you can do.

A pleasant smile is a gift. Don’t forget to use it and gift it to others when you can.