Humanitarian influence for the Pakistani community on recovery

It is the humanity that keeps all of us alive. Without caring for each other, our world would be quite robotic. That’s why the significaance of humanitarians is significant. When these humanitarians have their philanthropic capabilities, then that is the magical combination. But the thing about most philanthropic humanitarians is that they fail to identify the right order of addressing issues. A problem like this only can be resolved with proper leadership.

In the Pakistani context, this is where the great bashir dawood came into the picture. As a person who has more or less revived and rejuvenated the public healthcare of the country, he had a vison on how to help the Pakistani people to stand on their own feet. After the Sept 11 attacks that set a nation ablaze, it was really difficult for the natives to calm their minds down. On the other hand, it is not like you can force someone to be alright after such a shocking incident.

Not to mention, a fair amount of land area were severely affected by a very strong drought for a long time. It ending with a massive flood put the people from a bad place to a worse place. Hence, with the leadership and guidance of the Dawood family, it was easy to start the recovery work to help the Pakistani community to recover.

In the end of the day, if the abled ones didn’t help the less fortunate ones, then there is no humanity. Having a history of properly collected wealth and success, this particular individual always made sure that the people of his country always received the best. This is why he pioneered the Aga Khan University Hospital rejuvenation project that ended up equipping it in a whole new level.

Along with that, the legendary CIME or the centre for innovation in medical education which is found at the Aga Khan University hospital premises escalated the public healthcare quality to a level that stood in parallel with the extremely wealthy west. In such a background, his direct intervention to open the country’s first mega scaled urology theatre complex showed how much the person actually cared about the Pakistani community and the need of helping them to stand from their feet again.

You will always come across people who promise you the moon but fail to even show up on the day of the launch of the rocket. In such a society, the people like the Dawoods are the ones that we should acclaim. Because what they do is noble and without the caring of such people, Pakistan would take longer to recover.