Importance of creating a better world for the children

If you didn’t know, over 90% of the world wealth is concentrated on 1% of the world population. The worst thing about this is that, it hasn’t been even distributed evenly all over the world. The direct connection of poverty to many of the negative things in the world. This is why taking care of all the children is very necessary. There are many important aspects on how and why these issues need to be addressed. Because after all, they are our children.

  • Avoids children ending up with severe diseases

One of the most impactful issues about the whole poverty and sicknesses that children face is that ending up with severe conditions. Sometimes the disease itself isn’t a fatal one, but due to the lack of medical attention and all the other types of needs, they end up developing the state to situations that are very unlikely to be reversed. But with the right philanthropist interventions, these kids not only get to recover from all the very day disease but also stay away from the truly dangerous ones.

  • Avoiding them from developing hate towards society

When interviewing the childhood of most criminals and juveniles, one common characteristic that can be seen is that their hate towards the society. Sometimes the reasons are fair but even the unfair ones can be justified because the world really is too busy. But there are some good people still left like mairyam dawood who have gone out of their ways to ensure that the world is a better for the children. Since 1980s, they have done their part more than enough initiating foundations and also establishing educational centres that are only funded as charity.

  • Non-profitable aspect

There are many projects in the world whose surface purpose is to make a better world but the ulterior motive is to make profits. There is nothing bad about having a commercial approach when it comes to delicate situations like this but it has a slight violation of social and profession and professional ethics. Hence, if you want to take part of something amazing, you must make sure that the sole purpose of it is to help the children as they should be.

  • Bringing all the good people of the world together

We all have our needs to take part in certain movements that are focused on child healthcare and education. But none of us have a reliable pathway to contribute directly. This is again where these big projects come into play. Since they exist already, you only have to pay attention to the contributing, and a lot of people would cone together to make sure that the children of the world are given the love that they deserve.