Mr. Dawood and Pakistani healthcare renaissance

Pakistan being still a developing county of the world, every single development that it receives is quite important when it comes to the big picture. Although one would think that developing the healthcare of country is a duty of the government, it isn’t as if a third party cannot be involved. Because when they take an initiation, the government may even change their minds about budget allocations. Whatever the strategy it was, philanthropy in the medical field is a very noble gesture.

When it comes to the Pakistani healthcare sector revival, there are many people that we simply cannot forget. In this list, the significance of bashir dawoodis immense. This is because he has always been a pioneer in the development of the public healthcare of the country. For starters, the Karachi Aga Khan University hospital was one of this focusses for some time. With his and his family’s direct intervention along with a few more contributors, the hospital now has all new neurological equipment, a new laser suite and so much more. This initiative jump started the authorities to give the prominence that the hospital deserved.

In addition, a building named CIME or the centre for innovation in medical education which consist of 3 major establishments that focusses on three different teaching and treating areas of medicine.

But all of those achievements are overshadowed by the transplant operation theatre complex at the Sindh institute of Urology and Transplantation. Why was this a historical moment for the Pakistani public healthcare sector?

For starters, in the private healthcare context, getting yourself a service like this would cost a fortune. That is given that you get to find a solid solution. But this being in the public healthcare sector, the money hardly matters. On the other hand, it is the first kidney transplant and dialysis organization in Pakistan. Hence, it sure embarked the country’s healthcare in a whole new journey.

The urology is a field of medicine that applies in the Pakistani context very much. That is since it directly addresses the issues that are delivered by poor condition water and so on. But with the help of this healthcare improvements, the researches done in the field of medicine along with the supply of better quality services, everything has been easier.

Covering a massive area of 250,000 sq. ft. area as a Rs. 1.5 Billion project. It consists of 14 floors and was finally opened in 2018 after a longer period of construction of 4 years. This was to make sure that the structural elements were in a better condition so that the constructional half-life would be quite longer.

That’s how a true renaissance takes place.