The Dawood family and the revival of healthcare of Pakistan

As someone very generous has once told, true philanthropy comes from within, it just cannot be faked. If it was fake, it will run out faster than you think it would. That’s why the Dawood family has been that giant of a caretaker of the Pakistani healthcare for a long time – because when it comes to them, it is as real as it gets.

The saga of Mr. bashir dawood runs a long time back. Ever since he had the chance to come out as a philanthropist, he has done more than enough in almost each and every type need of not only Pakistan but the whole world. We’re talking about less fortunate child care foundations, youth funds and so on. But when it comes to the Pakistan healthcare sector, the contribution of the Dawood family has been immense.

The Aga Khan University satiated in Karachi was a famous university for many reasons. The main reason was the existence of the hospital. The role of this hospital to the betterment of the national healthcare has been truly immense. Over the years, via the findings of many medical researches, the Pakistani healthcare sector has been upgrading itself to new heaps of success. In such a background, the direct intervention of this family brought a whole new chapter to the national healthcare.

For an instance, the establishment of the virtual technology or VR tech, in the field of medicine is something rare and expensive. Since they understood the sheer need of the facility, they made sure that the hospital was equipped with it so that all the medical students and all the learning doctors could use these facilities to improve their skills.  In addition, the improvement of the existing facilities also has helped this university hospital to help all the people, involved in the system to have a good experience. This is why the contributions of the great man himself and his family is something that must be appreciated.

Another reason why the Dawood family has played very significant role in the revival of Pakistani healthcare sector is by rejuvenating the CIME, or the Centre for Innovation in Medical Education. Today there are three medical establishments that helps a countless number of medical professionals to improve their professional skills to a whole new level. If not for the generous contribution of the Dawood family, none of these great things would not have happened.

In the end of the day, it is what we give away free that smells the best. In that context, the Pakistanis should smell the fragrance generosity all over with this particular family.