Working out for a better life

Our ancient relatives had to work hard to survive. They went on hunting, spent hard labour on building things, fighting wars and with nature. But with time, we have come up with so many technological advances that sometimes it seems that we don’t even have to lift a finger. Does this new lifestyle suit us?

Nature Vs nurture

We have all heard the argument of nature vs nurture. So long ago, our forefathers did not have anyone to nurture them and it was always the nature that designed their course of actions. Nature, however, made it so that the humans were healthy by unwittingly working out whatever they ate. Even after the stone ages, people farmed and did a lot of house work which replaced the fighting and hunting. With time, the machines have taken the man’s place in chopping firewood and the woman’s place in washing clothes or cleaning the house. Kids of the new millennium are even lazier or used to luxury of not doing hard work.

Food and physical labour

Again, the early settlers killed and ate a lot of meat but because they worked hard, they needed the protein. Nowadays unless one works out at a gym for a considerable time, there is no need of taking in so much protein. Protein makes the muscles grow but most of us are doing desk jobs, hardly needing any muscles to do it. What we need is a lot of vitamins, water and high fibre food Singaporeto compensate for the eye strains we get by staring in to the computer screens and soothe the ever disturbed psychological status. But we keep eating a considerable amount of meat which produces protein and less and less leafy vegetables and fruits. Water is also a must for our bodies; we continuously sit in the harsh air conditioned offices making all the water evaporate. Lack of water is not only aiding us to have a dry skin, but also a lot of inner body functions can be disturbed by it.

What you can do

Have a workout regime. Especially if you eat a lot of protein and fat, you must burn at least a few calories per day. Keep a tab of your weight and height.

BMI or Body Mass Index can tell you if you weigh more than a person of you height and age should be. See a doctor regularly; you can actually use the new technology to help you too. Buy a smart watch or install an app in your phone. They will tell you how many calories you burnt on a day. If it is not enough, you can walk it off or even play an outdoor game.

It is indeed a gift to have a healthy body. Do not miss keeping it that way too.